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Hi all. I'm a relatively new member of, having signed up there only a few weeks ago under the name "Maxandra Valentine" (though I haven't been active anywhere yet), but I'm definitely NOT new to Robotech. I got hooked on the series when I watched it for the first time ten years ago as a child, and ever since then I hadn't been able to get my hands on the series again until last month, when I finally found and bought the WHOLE series on DVD (and went disastrously broke in the process). Now, I'm a 19 year-old college junior and have just gotten myself re-obsessed with Robotech.

Though I have seen the series and read up on the background info widely found on the net, I still haven't had the fortune to read the books (they're quite hard to find where I am, which is Thailand) or the comics. I wish I could read the books though because I'm dying to know all about the Sentinels adventures and eventually how the saga progresses and ends. Plus, I miss Rick and Lisa muchly and wish to see them again. Speaking of which, they happen to be among my favorite RT characters, with the rest being Max and Miriya Sterling, Lancer, Sera, and occasionally Dana Sterling and Sean Phillips. As for the sagas themselves, Macross is my fave, followed by Masters, then New Generation (least fave). At the moment, I'm interested in watching all three in their Japanese original versions, though I have no dough to support such an interest right now.

So yeah, guess that's it for an intro. Getting long and wouldn't wanna bore you all :)
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