kujakuseki01 (kujakuseki01) wrote in robotechdotcom,

I am possibly the largest Robotech fan...ever?

Hey-o. Figure I'd introduce myself. My name is Lee and I'm 20, from Washington, and I've been a huge fan of Robotech ever since the first time I saw it, YEARS ago. I've seen all of the first two sagas, though I've never seen a single episode of Mospaeda.

I have, however, read every single one of the 20-something Robotech books. I've read them through about...oh...3 times each. They are by far my favorite book series. Even when I've read them the second and third times, they never bore me. I am always extremely sucked in, and can sometimes never stop. And I own a good portion of the Macross saga on DVD.

The anime is my second favorite anime series, and was my first up until about 5 months ago, when I discovered, and downloaded every episode of, a nice little anime series known as Full Metal Alchemist. :D

Anyhoo, I hope this community grows...it'd be way cool if it did.
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