RP (reverend_pain) wrote in robotechdotcom,

Hey there...

Hey folks. OK, the obligatory introduction:

The name's Bjoern, 28 years old. My name on RT.com is "Burn" which is also the name by which I'm known on most other forums, like Macrossworld. Let me say right away here, that I do not want to get involved in the old feud between RT.com and MW.com. Macross, Robotech, it's all good for me.
I also run The UN Spacy Database - www.unspacy.de, one of the rather known Macross and Robotech fansites with more than 1GB of legal downloads.

Right now I'm not an active poster on any Robotech or Macross forum because I'm quite busy writing my MA thesis. So, I'm looking forward to getting back into the Robotech business with this community.

See you around... b^_^d
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